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Wie auch das Geschft mit den einzelnen Staffeln auf DVD, ist derzeit noch nicht klar.

Film Horror

Filme, Stars und News suchen und finden im Filmarchiv von CINEMA Online - Genre/Jahrzehnt/Produktionland»horror«. HorrorfilmeWeiterstöbern · Rings · Conjuring: Die Heimsuchung. Der Horrorfilm ist ein Filmgenre, das beim Zuschauer Gefühle der Angst, des Schreckens und Verstörung auszulösen versucht. Oftmals, jedoch nicht.


Der mittlerweile neunte Film der bekannten Horror-Reihe bekommt durch das Drehbuch von Chris Rock einen ganz neuen Spin. Genre: Horrorfilm. HorrorfilmeWeiterstöbern · Rings · Conjuring: Die Heimsuchung. Halloween steht vor der Tür, aber Horror ist das ganze Jahr über ein angesagtes Genre. Grund genug für uns, um die zwar nicht unendlichen.

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Film Horror

Sayangnya, beberapa di antara mereka melakukan perbuatan terlarang yang membuat marah penghuni desa tersebut. Nyawa mereka pun menjadi taruhannya. Setelah sukses dengan film pertamanya, Sebelum Iblis Menjemput Ayat 2 akan kembali menghantui malam-malammu, geng!

Film ini masih dibintangi oleh pemeran utamanya, Chelsea Islan, sebagai Alfie. Berlatar waktu 2 tahun setelah kejadian di flm pertama, ternyata teror dari para iblis masih berlanjut.

Alfie kesulitan untuk melanjutkan hidup secara normal. Selain karena masih dihantui perasaan bersalah, Alfie juga masih memiliki penglihatan yang tidak wajar.

Lantas, ia bertemu dengan beberapa anak panti asuhan yang juga dihantui oleh kutukan. Mimpi buruk baru dimulai, karena sosok kegelapan yang haus akan jiwa mulai bangkit untuk menjemput nyawa mereka.

Selanjutnya ada Mangkujiwo. Film horor Indonesia ini mengisahkan tentang asal mula munculnya sosok Kuntilanak.

Diceritakan bahwa ada dua orang yang berseteru, yakni Brotoseno Sujiwo Tejo dan Cokrokusumo Roy Marten.

Mereka berdua berebut pengaruh kekuasaan atas loji pusaka. Pada akhirnya, Cokrokusumo berhasil menyingkirkan Brotoseno lewat berbagai macam fitnah di hadapan Sinuhun Raja.

Brotoseno pun menjadi dendam. Ia memanfaatkan bayi yang dikandung oleh seorang wanita bernama Kanti Asmara Abigail , seorang gadis desa yang dihamili oleh Cokrokusumo, namun dipasung karena difitnah mengandung anak setan.

Kanti akhirnya memutuskan untuk bunuh diri. Hanya saja, bayi yang dikandung oleh Kanti berhasil diselamatkan oleh Brotoseno dan diberi nama Uma Yasamin Jasem.

Dua puluh satu tahun kemudian, balas dendam Brotoseno akan terwujud dengan cara yang tidak pernah ia duga. Selanjutnya, Jaka juga mau kasih tahu kamu beberapa film setan Indonesia terbaik hingga tahun ini.

Ada yang tayang dari lalu hingga tahun kemarin, geng. Setelah sukses dengan film Pengabdi Setan, Joko Anwar kembali menggebrak dunia perfilman Indonesia melalui film Perempuan Tanah Jahanam.

Film horor Indonesia terseram ini bercerita tentang dua orang wanita kota bernama Maya Tara Basro dan Dini Marissa Anita.

Keduanya melakukan perjalanan ke sebuah desa terpencil. Di desa tersebut, ada sebuah warisan peninggalan kerabat lama Maya. But with proper financial backing and almost total creative freedom, these films were a world away from the cheapo grit of the grindhouse: directors like Stuart Gordon, Frank Henenlotter and Don Coscarelli had the funding to realise visions which would have been impossible a few years before, resulting in some of the most idiosyncratic movies in the horror canon.

Over the course of three wild sequels, Coscarelli expanded his bizarre universe in a variety of imaginative and deliriously entertaining ways — but the original set the standard.

Buy, rent or watch 'Phantasm'. Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak. Situation: A sequel that retcons all other sequels.

Putting it politely, they varied in quality. This sequel, however, retcons the previous entries, instead focusing on the implications that being chased by a knife-wielding psychopath wearing a white mask can have.

Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode, a woman suffering from severe PTSD. Michael Myers and his stab-happy ways feel particularly chilling, with director David Gordon opting to build tension over cheap thrills.

There are already two sequels planned, so it might not be immune from the frightful follow-up. Several directors have tried; none have survived the night.

Buy, rent or watch 'Dracula'. Buy, rent or watch 'Black Sabbath'. That anxiety resonates with anyone stifled by conformity, not just Ike-era suburbanites but the makers of movies and art.

Buy, rent or watch 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'. Cast: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, Will Poulter. But the damage it did to the Swedish tourist board — floral festivals have never looked so terrifying — was more than offset by its magisterial creeps and a stellar turn from Florence Pugh as a grieving woman drawn slowly into a sunlit fugue state.

It just makes the experience all the more terrifying. Actor-turned-first-time-director John Krasinski shows an almost Hitchcockian command of tension as the slightest creak or spillage can bring slathering hell-beasts raining down from the surrounding countryside.

Emily Blunt, meanwhile, steals the show in front of the camera: the childbirth scene, in particular, will never leave you.

Blunt and co will reprise their roles for the sequel, which also adds Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou to the cast, and which is due in Wolfing around The best teenage werewolf movie, period.

A word of warning, though: the unnecessary sequels are best avoided. Buy, rent or watch 'Ginger Snaps'.

This is a film of lurking shadows and creeping gloom, unfashionably cosy in its dedication to the Victorian tradition of ghostly goings-on.

Buy, rent or watch 'The Fog'. By solving the puzzle, Frank enters the world of exquisite cruelty presided over by Pinhead Bradley and his fellow Cenobites — glamorous sadists with a penchant for ripped flesh and transcendent pain.

Buy, rent or watch 'Hellraiser'. Buy, rent or watch 'Black Sunday'. Anticipating many now familiar conventions, Clark cranks up the level of threat through his pioneering use of prowling shots from the psycho killer's point of view, reinforced here by a discordant sound design.

Buy, rent or watch 'Black Christmas'. Buy, rent or watch 'Aliens'. Thank goodness! What a tragedy it would have been to lose this deliciously ghoulish comedy of manners.

Its inmates, the Femm family, are quite frankly bonkers. Upstairs, their year-old dad is bedridden and Saul their pyromaniac brother is locked in the attic, while Morgan the mad butler Karloff is getting fighting-drunk in the kitchen.

When a coroner is called to a small town to inspect the corpse of a maid, he finds a silver coin inserted into her heart.

The village is suffering under an ancient curse — and those who speak out about it meet bloody and untimely ends.

A tale of hypnotism, hysteria and multiple murder set in a twisted, folksy German landscape filtered through the disturbed imagination of a madman, its fractured landscapes reflect the shattered psyche of a nation in defeat, but they also prefigure the greater horrors to come.

And almost a century later, at least one sequence here remains genuinely frightening: the midnight attack on a helpless young woman by a shambling, somnambulant strangler.

Hate crime If every generation gets the zombies its deserves, what would ours be like? The disease quickly spreads through the British population, turning people into berserk zombies.

One month later, in a London hospital, bicycle courier Jim Cillian Murphy wakes up from a coma, to find London cloaked in an unearthly silence.

There are scenes here that will send a shiver down your spine, such as the swarm of rats running in terror from an approaching undead horde.

Buy, rent or watch '28 Days Later But producer Hal E Chester insisted the flaming beast make two personal appearances to bookend this tale of an American psychologist, Dr Holden Andrews , a world-renowned paranormal sceptic.

But the French-born director knew his business and elsewhere gives an object lesson in frightening the audience out their seats with the mere placing of a hand on a banister.

Scriptwriter Charles Bennett was likewise enraged by the demon: "If [Chester, the producer] walked up my driveway right now, I'd shoot him dead.

Vive le difference! The imaginatively gruesome killings and chase scenes come thick and fast and the nerve-jangling sound design exacerbates the tension, making it virtually unbearable.

Then, with one staggeringly ill-judged and gob-smackingly offensive plot twist, the entire film falls apart.

Buy, rent or watch 'Switchblade Romance'. Soul-sucking spectres appear online and spread like a virus. Withdrawing from the world, they become lethargic, depressed and ultimately suicidal.

Tokyo slides towards a state of spiritual decay and social entropy. But this is merely a loose framework within which Fulci goes all out to upset and horrify his audience: faces melt inexplicably, tarantulas rip out human tongues, zombies rise from the grave, eyes are repeatedly torn out.

The result is more accurately nightmarish than almost any other film on this list, a true descent into the depths of meaningless, unpredictable, terrifyingly beautiful horror, with a scorpion-sharp sting in the tail.

A surprise entry on our list, this appallingly titled micro-budget Australian offering made waves at the SXSW film festival in , then promptly vanished off the radar.

Told in mock-doc style, the film recounts the eerie, possibly supernatural events that occurred in the remote Aussie town of Ararat following a tragic drowning at the local reservoir.

Buy, rent or watch 'Lake Mungo'. There are strong ties to the genre: Robert Mitchum plays Harry Powell, a murderous preacher whose pursuit of hidden booty leads him to hunt down a pair of hapless orphaned children through a mystical Southern dreamscape.

Buy, rent or watch 'The Night of the Hunter'. First, there are the grotesque characters, each horrific enough in their own way, from the boo-hiss headmaster Paul Meurisse to his nervy wife Vera Clouzot and bullish mistress Signoret.

Buy, rent or watch 'Les Diaboliques'. House of Wax Carrie Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht Nosferatu the Vampyre La Llorona The Evil Dead Spontaneous Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn The Innocents The Loved Ones Invasion of the Body Snatchers Dead of Night The Love Witch Room Suspiria Werckmeister Harmonies Dracula Re-Animator Shaun of the Dead Train to Busan Busanhaeng A Nightmare on Elm Street The Host Dawn of the Dead Kisah seram dalam film ini semakin menjadi saat peneliti dikejar oleh makhluk mengerikan di pulau tersebut.

Film dari Indonesia ini memiliki kisah yang sangat mengerikan dan diangkat dari kisah nyata. Kisah ini dialami oleh Risa Saraswati sendiri yang merupakan penulis dari Gerbang Dialog Danur.

Film ini sangat bisa dikatakan merupakan film yang sukses dengan jumlah penonton mencapai 2,7 juta. Risa adalah seorang gadis indigo yang mampu melakukan komunikasi dengan makhluk ghaib sejak masih kecil.

Risa adalah seorang anak yang merasa kesepian. Ayah Risa bekerja di luar negeri sedangkan ibunya bekerja sebagai guru. Risa sendiri tidak memiliki teman.

Ketika umurnya mencapai 8 tahun Risa ingin memiliki teman. Kemudian tidak disangka ada 3 anak laki-laki yang datang dalam kehidupannya.

Film insidious merupakan film horror yang sangat sukses dan memiliki banyak peminat. Film ini disutradarai oleh James Wan dan rilis pertama kali di Amerika Serikat pada tahun Film insidious bercerita tentang keluarga Josh Lambert dan Renai yang baru saja pindah ke rumah yang baru.

Salah satu anak Josh Lambert dan Renai yang bernama Dalton memiliki kemampuan yang unik yaitu Astral Projection.

Kemampuan ini menyebabkan Dalton bisa mengeluarkan roh dari dalam tubuhnya kemudian pergi ke alam lain yang disebut sebagai The Further.

Terror kemudian mulai menyerang anak ini. Teror ini dilakukan oleh para roh jahat yang ingin menguasai tubuh Dalton. Mengetahui hal yang aneh terjadi pada anaknya, ibu Dalton kemudian mengundang seorang paranormal untuk membantu mengusir roh-roh jahat yang menyerang keluarganya.

Paranormal tersebut dibantu oleh 2 orang asisten. Yang menarik dari film ini adalah anda tidak hanya disajikan dengan kisah yang menakutkan tapi kadang anda juga bisa dibuat tertawa dengan tingkah konyol asisten paranormal itu.

Insidious: The Last Key merupakan film insidious chapter 3 yang masih mendapatkan perhatian dari para penggemar film horror.

Film ini rilis di Indonesia pada tanggal 10 Januari dan diterima baik oleh penggemar film horror tanah air. Film Insidious: The Last Key merupakan film yang bercerita tentang Elise Rainer, seorang paranormal yang juga muncul pada film insidious sebelumnya.

Film ini masih berhubungan dengan terror yang terjadi pada masa lalu. Film ini juga menceritakan tentang masa lalu yang tidak menyenangkan yang dialami oleh Elise pada era an.

Elise adalah anak dari seorang penjaga sipir yang kasar. Elise memiliki bakat aneh yang baru dimiliki pada saat ia duduk di bangku kelas 6.

Bakat yang dimiliki ini adalah melihat dan berkomunikasi dengan makhluk tak kasat mata. Hal ini memberikan rasa ingin tahu dari adik dan ayahnya.

Bahkan ayahnya tidak percaya dengan kemampuan Elise, sementara ibunya yang percaya bisa memakluminya. Kisah seram ini bermula saat Elise yang sudah dewasa mendapatkan telepon dari pemilik rumah baru di rumah masa kecilnya.

Mereka menginginkan Elise datang ke rumahnya karena terdapat fenomena-fenomena aneh di dalam rumah tersebut. Pada awalnya Elise tidak ingin datang ke rumah itu, tetapi Elise kemudian mengalah dan memutuskan untuk datang ke rumah masa kecilnya.

Lights out adalah film Hollywood yang disutradarai oleh David F Sandberg dan produser James Wan pada tahun Film lights out merupakan salah satu film horror terbaik di tahun dan sangat direkomendasikan untuk kamu yang suka dengan film horror.

Film ini menceritakan sebuah kisah yang terjadi di kantor Paul. Karyawan Paul mengalami hal seram dan melaporkan bahwa setiap ia mematikan lampu di ruangan kantor, ia melihat ada bayangan yang muncul.

Paul kemudian mengecek dan ternyata yang dikatakan oleh karyawannya itu benar. Paul melihat bayangan yang muncul dan ia langsung merasa ketakutan.

Ia berlari dan tak disangka ia terbunuh oleh bayangan. Bayangan yang mengerikan terus melakukan aksi terror.

Suatu hari anak Paul melihat ibunya sedang berbicara sendiri di ruangan yang gelap. Ia melihat sebuah bayangan di belakang ibunya itu.

Ia lari ketakutan dan bayangan tersebut mengikutinya. Suasana semakin mencekam ditambah lagi istri Paul menderita depresi berat dan ternyata diakibatkan oleh Diana yang merupakan hantu tersebut.

Crimpson Peak adalah salah satu film horror yang ditunggu oleh para penggemar film horror. Film ini merupakan film karya Guillermo Del Toro yaitu sang maestro yang sangat ahli dalam film horror.

Film ini juga diangkat berdasarkan kisah nyata yang dialami oleh Gullermo sendiri loh. Adjusted Score: Critics Consensus: It isn't terribly devilish or particularly pulse-quickening, but Satanic Panic remains an entertaining midnight movie that forgiving genre enthusiasts will enjoy.

Synopsis: Sam's first day as a pizza delivery driver is not going according to plan. At the end of a long Starring: Ruby Modine , Rebecca Romijn , Jerry O'Connell , Arden Myrin.

Directed By: Chelsea Stardust. Critics Consensus: St. Agatha makes admittedly uneven use of its story's well-worn religious tropes, but the overall effect may still be just chilling enough for horror fans.

Synopsis: It's the 's in small town Georgia, a pregnant con woman on the run seeks refuge in a convent hidden Starring: Sabrina Kern , Carolyn Hennesy , Courtney Halverson , Lindsay Seim.

Critics Consensus: Child's Play updates an '80s horror icon for the Internet of Things era, with predictably gruesome -- and generally entertaining -- results.

Synopsis: A contemporary re-imagining of the horror classic, Child's Play follows Karen Aubrey Plaza , a single mother who gifts her Starring: Aubrey Plaza , Brian Tyree Henry , Gabriel Bateman , Mark Hamill.

Directed By: Lars Klevberg. Critics Consensus: It: Chapter Two proves bigger doesn't always mean scarier for horror sequels, but a fine cast and faithful approach to the source material keep this follow-up afloat.

Synopsis: Evil resurfaces in Derry as director Andy Muschietti reunites the Losers Club in a return to where it all began Starring: James McAvoy , Jessica Chastain , Bill Hader , Isaiah Mustafa.

Directed By: Andy Muschietti. Critics Consensus: Fun for fans even if it isn't as frightening as some of its predecessors, Annabelle Comes Home suggests there's still some life left in the Conjuring franchise.

Synopsis: Determined to keep Annabelle from wreaking more havoc, demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren bring the possessed doll to the locked Starring: Patrick Wilson , Vera Farmiga , McKenna Grace , Madison Iseman.

Directed By: Gary Dauberman. Critics Consensus: Zombieland: Double Tap makes up for a lack of fresh brains with an enjoyable reunion that recaptures the spirit of the original and adds a few fun twists.

Synopsis: A decade after Zombieland became a hit film and a cult classic, the lead cast Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Starring: Woody Harrelson , Jesse Eisenberg , Emma Stone , Abigail Breslin.

Directed By: Ruben Fleischer. Critics Consensus: A funnier follow-up with a sci-fi bent, Happy Death Day 2U isn't as fiendishly fresh as its predecessor, but fans of the original may still find this a sequel worth celebrating.

Synopsis: Jessica Rothe leads the returning cast of HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U, the follow-up to Blumhouse's Split, Get Out, The Purge Starring: Jessica Rothe , Ruby Modine , Israel Broussard , Phi Vu.

Critics Consensus: Haunt is spooked by the spirits of its obvious influences, but still packs enough thrills and chills to satisfy horror fans up for a haunted house excursion.

Synopsis: A group of friends look for the thrill of a lifetime when they enter a haunted house that supposedly brings

Mit Psycho sprengte der Meister des Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, Erwartungshaltungen und Genrekonventionen und schuf einen Schocker für damalige Verhältnisse sondergleichen. So wurden unter anderem Hush 2021 japanische Filmserien wie Ringu und Ju-on als Ring und The Grudge neu verfilmt. Argentinien

In "How Film Horror Sell Drugs Alle Sex Filme (fast)" geht es um Moritz und Film Horror, sie sind das Tpfelchen auf dem I. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Die Menschheit wurde weitestgehend von Zombies ausgelöscht. Critics Consensus: Admirably eclectic yet more Reamonn - Supergirl than most horror anthologies, Nightmare Cinema should entertain viewers in the mood for a good old-fashioned creepshow. Anticipating many now familiar conventions, Clark cranks up the level of threat through his pioneering use Soy Berlin prowling shots from the psycho killer's point of view, reinforced here by a discordant sound design. TH Buy, Film Horror or watch 'Evil Dead II'. Director George Max Lang insists that much of what made his debut so groundbreaking — the in-your-face documentary camerawork, the unadorned interiors and unpolished performances — were just the necessary result of zero-budget filmmaking. Mengetahui hal yang aneh terjadi pada anaknya, ibu Dalton kemudian mengundang seorang paranormal untuk membantu mengusir roh-roh jahat yang menyerang keluarganya. At the end of a Harry Potter Hogwarts But this is merely a loose framework within which Fulci goes all out to upset and horrify his audience: faces melt inexplicably, tarantulas rip out human tongues, zombies rise from the grave, eyes are repeatedly torn out. The Cabinet of Dr. Starring: Kaya ScodelarioBarry PepperMorfydd ClarkRoss Anderson. TH Buy, rent or Film Horror 'Alien'. That anxiety resonates with anyone stifled by conformity, not just Ike-era suburbanites but the makers of movies and art. Synopsis: The young son of an American diplomat and his wife, living in Farbe Flieder, turns out to be marked with the Critics Consensus: A Quiet Place artfully plays on elemental fears with a ruthlessly intelligent creature feature that's as original as it is scary -- and establishes director John Krasinski as a rising talent. Buy, rent or watch 'The Shining'. -full length horror movies (new titles added regularly). A choice of of the best horror movies released from to In reverse chronological order and purely subjective. Horror Links: Genre: Horror: Most Popular Horror Titles Genre: Horror: Most Popular Horror Feature Films Genre: Horror: Most Popular Horror Feature Films Released to With At Least 5 Votes Horror Movies in the IMDb "Top ": Most Popular IMDb "Top ", Horror. Get a fright with our list of best horror movies like ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘Get Out’, as chosen by Time Out writers and horror experts Go to the content Go to the footer Close. The Best Horror Movies of All Time. The wind forces open the curtained window. Candles snuff out in darkness. And a shiver cascades down your spine. Nope, it’s not just your imagination. Horror. The go-to source for horror movie and TV news: film trailers, scary movie reviews, and the bloodiest stories in horror (and supernatural) fandom. Die besten Horrorfilme für Horrorfilmfans. Diese Streifen sind ein Muss! Entdecke die besten Horrorfilme in unserer Top 50, von Haunted House bis 70er-. Der mittlerweile neunte Film der bekannten Horror-Reihe bekommt durch das Drehbuch von Chris Rock einen ganz neuen Spin. Genre: Horrorfilm. Entdecken Sie die besten Filme Horror, als: Alien - Das unheimliche Wesen aus einer fremden Welt, Psycho, Shining, Rosemaries Baby, From Dusk till Dawn. Halloween steht vor der Tür, aber Horror ist das ganze Jahr über ein angesagtes Genre. Grund genug für uns, um die zwar nicht unendlichen.
Film Horror

Der Name Film Horror Projekts war RTL Plus. - Navigationsmenü

Scream-Queen auf der Flucht vor ihrem mit einer Motorsäge bewaffneten Verfolger. Film Horor Terbaik – Film horror memang masih memiliki nilai kepopuleran bagi para penonton terutama anak muda. Banyak orang yang suka film horror karena menarik dan dapat memacu adrenalin. Film horor juga biasanya mempunyai alur cerita yang membuat banyak orang penasaran, entah karena masa lalu dari kejadian-kejadian horor yang di alami tokoh utama, ataupun hal-hal lainnya. -full length horror movies (new titles added regularly). Happy Death Day 2U was the first horror movie to connect with critics, even if its Tomatometer score didn’t approach the original’s high mark. In fact, virtually all of this year’s sequels all.
Film Horror
Film Horror


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