Samsung S7 Tablet

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Samsung S7 Tablet

Das Galaxy Tab S7 LTE mit oder ohne Vertrag bei Sparhandy ✓ Alle Netze, alle Tarife ✓ Schnelle Express-Lieferung ✓ Jetzt Angebote vergleichen & sparen! Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 LTE mit Flat ✓ Qualcomm Snapdragon + ✓ AI-​Unterstützung ✓ Hertz-Display ✓ Inklusive S Pen ➤ Jetzt bei 1&1 bestellen! Das Samsung-Tablet Galaxy Tab S7 setzt auf dem Snapdragon Plus. Was Sie vor dem Kauf wissen müssen, erfahren Sie im Review.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 T875 LTE im Test

Erleben Sie das bisher größte Display in einem Samsung Galaxy-Tablet. Das Galaxy Tab S7|S7+ begeistert zudem durch eine Bildwiederholrate von Hz. Das Samsung-Tablet Galaxy Tab S7 setzt auf dem Snapdragon Plus. Was Sie vor dem Kauf wissen müssen, erfahren Sie im Review. Das leistungsstarke Samsung Tablet Galaxy Tab S7 günstig kaufen bei Neugierig? Mehr Infos im Shop!

Samsung S7 Tablet The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus may be Samsung's finest tablet yet Video

Galaxy Tab S7 vs 2020 iPad Pro - The BEST Tablet?!

The Tab S7 integrates a fingerprint scanner into the power button, which works quickly and reliably. The S7 Plus has an in-screen fingerprint scanner, like Samsung’s high-end smartphones. Granted, the number of Android tablets that compete with the Tab S7 and S7+ are almost all from Samsung. Last year’s crop of Tab S6 models left us wanting more, and with the Tab S7 and S7+, Samsung. Bottom line: Android as a whole has problems that Google and developers still need to address, but for the time being, the Galaxy Tab S7 stands out as the best Android tablet you can buy. Samsung. Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+. Design. Out of the box, the Galaxy Tab S7+ feels premium. The outside of the S7+ is a smooth metallic material. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wi-Fi, Mystic Black - GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite ", 64GB.

While working on this Galaxy Tab S7 review, I immediately realized the similarities, as its machined aluminum chassis, beautiful screen and sweet-sounding speakers make it a serious challenger to the best iPad.

But the Tab S7 doesn't just stand in Apple's shadow. The Tab S7's battery life beats the iPad Pro's, and that's just one of the reasons why the Galaxy Tab S7 is one of the best Android tablets around, and one of the best tablets overall, its awkward keyboard cover and not-great performance puts a ceiling on how high it can go.

Also, check out our preview of the Lenovo Tab P11 — which looks like a noteworthy contender in the Android tablet space. Just closer to the Galaxy Tab A7 than the Tab S7.

This is just half of the story, as we're working to finalize our Galaxy Tab S7 Plus review soon.

For now, read on to see how Samsung's catching up with Apple — including where the new iPad Air bets the Tab S7, and where Samsung has Apple's number.

The Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus go on sale today Sept. Both T-Mobile and US Cellular plan to offer the tablets as well.

Just like the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard Folio and Magic Keyboard, the Book Cover and Book Cover Keyboard for the Galaxy Tab S7 cost extra.

Both protect the docked S-Pen from falling off. The Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus have similar internals, so you're not sacrificing performance with your choice for a big slate or a smaller screen.

But that's not the biggest performance difference in the Tab S7, as this tablet is the first to market with 5G connectivity. Different Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus models will have different amounts of memory and storage, but they start with 6GB of RAM and GB of storage.

The Galaxy Tab S7 is an all-screen tablet with thin bezels and an aluminum frame. Sold in Mystic Black, Mystic Silver and Mystic Bronze, this slate looks astonishingly similar to the and iPad Pros.

That's not a bad thing, as when you whittle a tablet down to just its screen — which is exactly what we want — there's little room for modifications.

I currently like Samsung's color options and Mystic finish a tad more than what Apple offers. On the back, you've got a spot for the included S-Pen to magnetically dock and a small camera bump, which we'll get to later.

There is a USB-C connector for power and data transfer on the right of the Tab S7, and on the top edge you've got a power button which doubles as a fingerprint sensor and the volume rocker.

There's also an SD memory reader for expanding local storage and a pogo connector on the bottom for docking Samsung's optional Book Cover Keyboard.

Watching a 4K nature video from YouTube, I was impressed by the Tab S7's x pixel panel as I watched a hungry squirrel forage for food.

Blades of grass and fur rendered equally crisply, while the browns of the animal's fur and the greens of the flora looked both accurate and vibrant.

And while I saw only a smidge of glare in the screen as I watched that bright video, reflections intensified when I pulled up the dark and brooding trailer for The Mandalorian season 2.

While I could still see WWE superstar Sasha Banks playing a Jedi, hidden in the shadows, all of the darker shots of the trailer showed me more of myself than of the trailer.

That follows a pattern of Apple often going for more realistic color balance than Samsung's default options. In terms of brightness, the Galaxy Tab S7 is rated for up to nits of brightness, and we got incredibly close, with our colorimeter recording a max brightness of nits.

The nit iPad Pro gets even brighter, while the nit iPad Air and nit Surface Pro 7 are dimmer. The Galaxy Tab S7 has a smooth Hz display refresh rate which the iPad Pro has and the Surface Pro does not , offering buttery smooth motion.

Spotify and Google Docs were running in the background, and both ran smoothly when I switched the active audio or went to take notes.

That being said, the Galaxy Tab S7's Geekbench 5 multi-core score of 3, isn't exactly anything to boast about. The A12Z-powered iPad Pro 4, , A14 Bionic-based iPad Air 4, and the 10th Gen Core i5 Surface Pro 7 4, notched scores that are notably higher than the Tab S7's.

Asphalt 9 ran OK enough on the Galaxy Tab S7, though I did notice a stutter here and an anomaly there. The Samsung Galaxy S7 pumps out the jams pretty well you can make them sound better, too.

Andre 's vocals came through loud and clear on UGK's "Int'l Player's Anthem I Choose You ," and I could hear a little bass and crisp cymbals clashing as the track's multitude of drums hit, snapped and clapped.

I don't really approve of using a tablet for photography, but the Galaxy Tab S7's front-facing camera is great for video conferencing and its rear camera will do in a pinch as well.

Selfies I shot with the tablet's 8MP front camera perfectly captured the pinks of my skintone, as well as the pinks and reds of my t-shirt, as well as the textures of both the fabric and my face.

The rear-facing 13MP camera did a pretty good job with still photography, nailing the hues of my Hulk and The Fiend Funko Pop figures.

The 5MP ultra-wide camera on the back of the Galaxy Tab S7 is only useful for when you need to snap a wider shot, as you trade a lot of detail away.

For example, interior shots of my apartment saw paintings look smudgier on the ultra-wide shots. The Tab S7's rear cameras have a small bump on the back though it doesn't look as pronounced as the iPad Pro's.

Fortunately, the tablet doesn't rock back and forth if you leave it lying down on a table. This micro-issue is even less of a concern for those docking the S Pen on the back, as the stylus is much thicker than the camera bump.

The combination of fingerprint reader and facial recognition in the Galaxy Tab S7 gives you a "nearly best of both worlds" situation.

I'd prefer it also have the in-screen fingerprint reader that the Tab S7 Plus has, as that's less awkward to use than the slightly recessed power button that has no visual indicator of its location.

You'd get used to it over time, but there's no fun in "getting used to" anything. That being said, the Galaxy Tab S7's fingerprint reader is super-fast, to the point where I am not fast enough with a stopwatch to check how little time it took to authenticate.

The in-bezel facial recognition another feature familiar to iPad Pro and Surface Pro owners works better in well-lit rooms, pausing for a bit if you're in darker spaces like my home office.

The Galaxy Tab S7 slates run a version of Android 10 with Samsung's own user interface tweaks on top. Samsung users tend to like these touches, which have become more refined over the years.

Since note-taking is such a huge part of the tablets and Galaxy Note phones, I'm surprised it took Samsung so long to make its Samsung Notes app sync across its phones, tablets and even its PC app.

An exact release date in Australia is unclear at the time of writing. There's also an 8GB of RAM with GB of storage version in some markets, but we're yet to learn the price of this.

In the UAE, Samsung has priced the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus at AED 3, That gets you a GB unit with 8GB RAM but no LTE.

To sweeten the deal, Samsung is bundling a complimentary Book Cover for anyone pre-ordering it. For the Galaxy Tab S7, pricing sits at AED 2, for the Wi-Fi only model, and AED 2, for the LTE version, both with GB of storage.

When you think of a premium tablet, the design that instantly comes to mind is the iPad Pro with its large screen, thin bezels and flat sides.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series has all of that, and it manages to up the game by being both thinner and lighter than the At g for the Tab S7 Plus and g for the Tab S7, it is reasonably light, but you'd still want to hold it with two hands.

It's also impressively thin at just 5. Being thin and light does not mean the tablet feels cheap — it's quite the opposite. There's no flex on the tablet and It feels extremely premium, especially with the brushed metal sides that remind us a bit of the Galaxy Note 4.

The rear side of the tablet is a bit of a fingerprint magnet and we started seeing smudges very easily on the Mystic Black color that we used.

You'll also get two additional colors; Mystic Silver and Mystic Bronze. There's a glass strip towards the top of the rear of the tablet, which acts as a magnet to attach the S-Pen.

Weirdly, the S Pen only charges when the tip of the pen is pointing in the camera's direction. The magnet is not the strongest and the fact it's behind the slate made us wary of losing the stylus without realizing as it's out of sight.

The camera modules are also placed within this glass strip with a tiny bump around it. That does mean the tablet doesn't sit exactly flush when you lay it down on a table.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series has just one USB 3. This also means there's no headphone jack available on the slate. You'll have to double-check if your USB-C headphones are compatible, as when we tried one particular headset, the tablet showed it as an unrecognized USB device.

There are plenty of docks and dongles available that can extend the functionality of this port, but two ports are always better than one - and it's something we'd have liked to of seen here if Samsung is serious about this being a productivity machine.

There is a smart connector at the bottom, with the Samsung Keyboard cover magnetically attaches to. As far as buttons are concerned, you get a power button and volume keys, plus there's a SIM slot on top.

If a tablet was judged by its screen alone, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus would be one of the best out there.

The gorgeous The Tab S7 sports a LTPS IPS LCD screen, with a resolution of x pixels, but retains the same refresh rate of Hz.

The difference between the OLED screen on Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus and other IPS-based tablets such as the iPad Pro or the Huawei MatePad, is IPS screens just seem dull after you've used OLED.

The aspect ratio of the screen is a decent compromise between entertainment and productivity. Most streaming content is made with a aspect ratio, so you lose very little screen estate when watching Netflix or YouTube compared to an iPad which has a ratio.

On the flip side, you don't get as much vertical space for apps, web browsing or emailing, but it isn't a huge issue.

There are very narrow bezels around the tablet, and Samsung improved its prevention against accidental taps - but it's not perfect.

You need to make sure the S Pen touches the screen before your palm does otherwise you start seeing app windows resizing or flying off the screen.

The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus features an in-screen fingerprint sensor. It's not as fast as the ones we've seen on some smartphones, but it works well enough.

On the Tab S7 the fingerprint reader resides in the power button, which is equally fast at unlocking the device when you need to.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series can be purchased as a standalone tablet, its productivity levels improve tenfold when used with accessories.

The S Pen is already included in the box which is much nicer than the extra you'll need to spend if you were to purchase an Apple Pencil for the iPad.

Like the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro, you can snap the S Pen magnetically onto the back of the the Galaxy Tab S7 to store it, and to charge it wirelessly.

Samsung has improved the latency on the S Pen and added air gestures to the Tab S7 Plus, similar to those you'll see on the new Galaxy Note Besides the S Pen you can optionally buy the Book Cover and the Book Cover Keyboard for the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

The Book cover magnetically attaches to the back of the Tab and adds a kickstand that lets you stand the tablet up - useful if you're about to watch a movie.

Do keep in mind that with both these accessories, the weight of the tablet goes up noticeably. The top of the Book cover has a small bump where the S Pen resides, and you can flip the top part of the cover to access the stylus.

We highly recommend using the Book Cover as it provides excellent protection against losing your S Pen. The Book Cover Keyboard snaps on using the Smart Connector to provide you with a keyboard and trackpad, allowing you to use the slate in a similar fashion to the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

There is a bit of jiggle when using the tablet with the keyboard in your lap - it's workable, but not as sturdy as the Surface.

The keys are large and nicely spaced with decent throw, though they're not backlit which makes it difficult to type in the dark.

You do get the full set of keys along with with numeric and function keys for shortcuts to change volume and brightness levels as well as for navigating Android.

The trackpad is also decently sized and slightly bigger than the one found on the iPad Pro Keyboard case. However, it felt a bit jumpy like some of the Windows laptops.

It supports three fingers gestures that allow for the same functionality as Android's navigation gestures. For anyone that prefer to press instead of tapping, the right side of the trackpad acts as a right click when pressed.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series is equipped with the fastest processor currently available for the Android platform - the Qualcomm Snapdragon Plus.

This is backed up with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM, depending on what variant you choose. Along with that Hz display, this makes for the smoothest Android tablet experience we've come across.

In terms of storage you have the choice between GB and GB, and if that's not enough you can extend this using a microSD card up to 1TB in size. Apps launch quickly and you can easily switch between them without any delays.

We had multiple apps working on both tablets and it continued to operate as fluidly as having a similar set of apps open on an iPad. We ran Geekbench 5 on the Tab S7 Plus which registered a single core score of and a multi-core score of 2, That's not as fast as the iPad but you'd be hard pressed to notice the difference with general usage.

On the Tab S7, the scores were and 3, respectively. There are four speakers on the tablet that sound pretty good and make it a device suited for watching films or playing games.

However, the iPad has the Tab S7 beat again as we found the speakers on multiple iPad products to be louder and richer. Some versions of the Galaxy Tab S7 come with a SIM card slot, and some version of the Tab S7 Plus are even 5G compatible.

If you're fortunate enough to live or work in a 5G coverage area, this version of the Tab S7 Plus will be able to take advantage of increased download and upload speeds.

Even if you're not currently in a 5G coverage area, carriers around the world are continuing to roll out the next generation network to more and more areas, which means when it does arrive in your location you'll be able to take advantage of them.

There's also an 8MP front-facing camera that thankfully sits on the top of your screen when the tablet is in a landscape mode. We found this more suited for conducting video calls as your eye line is more suited to where the camera sits rather than it being off to the side like it can be with other tablets.

Round the back, both tablets have a dual-camera setup, with a main 13MP camera joined by a 5MP ultra-wide offering. There are people out there that take photos with their tablets and the cameras here will serve them well.

You get all sorts of camera modes such as Live Focus for portraits , Pro Video, Night and Single Take that Samsung released with the S20 series.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, Android Tablet mit Stift, WiFi, 3 Kameras, großer mAh Akku, 11, 0 Zoll LTPS Display, GB/6 GB RAM, Tablet in schwarz. Entdecke das neue High-End Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 LTE in Mystic Black im offiziellen Samsung Online-Shop. Jetzt hier kaufen! Entdecke das 11" Display des Galaxy Tab S7 oder das beeindruckende 12,4" Super AMOLED Display des Tab S7+ mit 3D Surround Sound by AKG und Dolby​. Bereits ab ,99 € ✓ Große Shopvielfalt ✓ Testberichte & Meinungen ✓ | Jetzt Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Tablet PC günstig kaufen bei

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Samsung S7 Tablet Das neue Galaxy Tab S7 bietet von allem mehr. Wie Depp Zeichen wir dir helfen? Nachteile OLED und 5G nur für das Plus-Modell. It may be light and thin considering its size, but if you're after a tablet with a smaller display you may want to consider the Galaxy Tab S7 instead. What were the specs of the Tab S7 Winkelgasse London tested? Samsung isn't just gunning to claim Nexus 5x Ota title of best Android tablet here - it's setting its sights on the iPad Pro and the best tablet crown too. The Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus have similar Samsung S7 Tablet, so you're not sacrificing performance with your Heisse Wäsche for a big slate or a smaller screen. Most Android tablet apps simply look like a Scandinavian Style Mode version of the phone app, rather than being rebuilt Clipfish Smart Tv Samsung the bigger House Doctor Stern. Samsung has equipped the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus with a 10,mAh battery which is higher in capacity than the iPad Pro My other annoyance is that when you search for apps in DeX mode, I wish the top result could be automatically selected on screen, so a click of the Enter key could open it. We ran Geekbench 5 on the Tab S7 Plus which registered a single core score of and a multi-core score of 2, The S Pen is already included in the box which is much nicer than the extra you'll need to spend if you were to purchase an Apple Pencil for the iPad. If 5G speeds on your tablet aren't something you care about, then the Wi-Fi or LTE versions of the Tab S7 will be more than enough for you. The nit iPad Pro gets even brighter, while the nit iPad Air and nit Surface Pro 7 are dimmer. That beats the iPad Pro and the iPad Air and towers over the time from Surface Pro 7 by over 5 hours. Samsung Notes also offers to convert handwriting into more legible penmanship. Samsung india pvt ltd, Samsung India Electronics Pvt ltd, 6th Floor, DLF Centre, Sansad Marg, New Delhi - Email id: [email protected], Tel(Toll Free): 40 Series Galaxy Tablet S7 Colour Mystic Black Item Height Centimeters Item Width 6 Millimeters Standing screen display size 11 Inches Product Dimensions/5(59). 9/18/ · With a Hz display and Snapdragon +, the Tab S7 absolutely flies. Also contributing to the Galaxy Tab S7's speed is its internals. The tablet is 4/5. 10/5/ · The Galaxy Tab S7+ base model with 6GB of RAM and GB of storage will start at $ The same base model with 5G will start at $ My .


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